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Design Objectives:. Build a trailer that can be pulled by hand, bicycle or golf cart. It must be multipurpose, adjustable, strong, lightweight, and portable.

  • Pulled by ...  The FMT has fittings and attachments that make it easy to convert it  from hand to bike or golf cart.  The FMT is not designed for speed and should be pulled at less than 10 mph on smooth surfaces.  On rough or bumpy  surfaces, the speed must be much slower - good judgement is important for both safety and security of the payload.   

  • Multipurpose - The FMT can accommodate all kinds of watercraft as long as they are relatively lightweight, i.e., 200 lbs or less.  The FMT will also haul other things, like lumber.

  • Adjustable -  Almost all boat trailers have fixed length and width.  The FMT does not not.  Adjustments to the basic platform's length and width coupled with adjustments to the upgrade components are easily made using steel locking pins.  This allows you decide how you want your craft supported.  If like me, you may have more than one boat or hauling task; the FMT can probably handle it.

  • Strong - The FMT is is built with marine grade aluminum and fiberglass.  Aluminum welding is precise, done by an expert craftsman.  Fiberglass parts are individually honed and tested to fit the final FMT configuration.

  • Lightweight - The Base FMT Platform weighs under 30 lbs.  Most upgrades add only a few extra pounds.

  • Portable - The FMT is made of compact components, most of which fit in a canvas carry bag (included).  The wheels and the 60 " fiberglass trailer backbone fit easily in the trunk of most vehicles.  The FMT is assembled in minutes, without tools.


MBB Photo.jpg

Marc Barnett

Inventor - Owner

​I've worked in big corp and small corp for many decades - solving problems, building solutions, and managing teams in the software domain.  The Follow Me Trailer is the the solution to

a personal challenge: getting my boats out of the backyard and down to the water a short distance away with a trailer I could pull by hand.

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