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Assembling the Base FMT Platform

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From this:

long BP_edited.png

To this:

To assemble the FMT, you'll first put the cross members together, securing the parts

with locking pins through holes for desired

width.  Then slide them on to the backbone,

front cross member first then the axle.  Slide the inner backbone out a foot or so.

Add the wheels and secure with nuts, hand

tighten.  Add the front wheel to the backbone using large rubber rings on either side of the sleeve to keep it positioned  Slide on another large ring and then the backbone sleeve and the smaller ring on the inner backbone. The handle unit comes next, attached to the inner backbone with a locking pin.  Now adjust the cross members on the main backbone and the extension of the inner backbone to fit your boat.  It is very important to position the boat so the center of its weight is just a few inches ahead of the axle to get the best fore/aft weight distribution.  Secure the craft with bungee cords. Done !

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